DRAFT BEER                                                   PACKAGED BEER                         

              Angry Orchard Hard Cider   

We have 12 taps that feature

            Black Butte Porter  
some of the Pacific Northwest's             Bud Light  

newest and most popular

selections.              Coors Banquet  
              Coors Light  
Stop in today to see what we             Corona  
are currently pouring!              Corona Light  
              Dos Equis Amber  
              Lagunitas IPA  
              Miller Lite  
              O'Douls Amber (Non-Alc)  
              Omission Pale  
              Pabst Blue Ribbon  



Kendall Jackson Chardonnay             $8.00                Underwood Cellars Pinot Noir $7.00
Domino Chardonnay $5.00 Red Diamond Merlot $6.00
Erath Pinot Gris $7.00 Columbia Crest Cab/Merlot            $6.00
Ste. Michelle Riesling $5.50 Domino Cabernet Sauvignon $5.00
Wycliff Sparkling $4.50